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At Mercy Pharmacy San Dimas, we provide more than just medications to our patients. Our focus is always PATIENT-FIRST. With that focus in mind, we offer a variety of advanced services to meet the increasingly complex medical needs of our patients; taking care of their well-beings as well as of those of their loved ones.


Mercy Pharmacy San Dimas is contracted with all major insurance companies including Working Compensation, ADAP, and provide our patients with accurate and fast service.  Listed below is our options for insurance and payment:
  1. Medicare Part D
  2. MediCal
  3. Workman's Compensation
  4. Commercial Third-Party - Prescription Drug Plans
  5. ADAP (Drug Assistance Programs)
  6. All Major Credit Cards (Visa, Discover, AMEX, etc.)
  7. Cash Discounts
  8. Prescription Discount Cards
Mercy Pharmacy San Dimas also offers Home Delivery Service for FREE.  Terms and Conditions may apply.

*Services may not be available on site.  Please call and check with staff
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